Can Viagra Condoms be marketed?

Viagra condoms are now becoming more popular to the market because of different articles, advertisement, etc. that you will find on the internet. The condom that will help men to have firmer, stronger and continuing erection is said to be released in 2008.

In Great Britain, Viagra condom is also known as CSD500. Researchers of Futura Medical, a well known condom maker in Great Britain are the creator of CSD500 condom protection apparatus.  They put a gel-like chemical on the peak of the condom for the vessels to expand that will make the erection longer and stronger. In this way, the guy will have great pleasure for a longer period of time. Thus, men with erectile dysfunction will be happier.

According to a test, almost 108 couples reported that they had longer contact and firmer and bigger erection when they used CSD500 condom. All of them were successful and very satisfied of the result. The said condom which is just new to the market stirs up strong interest all over the world. According to some studies, more than 80 percent of men are willing to try this new condom called CSD500. While almost half of 80 percent said that they do not really use condom but they are already willing to try them after hearing the things it offers. This type of condom is predictable to catch the attention of more men to use this kind of contraceptives because it will not only prevent the guys of the unwanted pregnancies but also it will avoid them of getting disease like Sexually Transmitted Disease or STD. It is also said that about 2 percent of almost all condoms are acknowledged to slip off in the duration of the sexual intercourse because some men have intricacy in sustaining erection because they can’t stay aroused for a long time.

Buy natural Viagra tablets online РThe CSD500 condom is still subject for approval by some regulatory establishments. If the said condom will be approved, it will be available in the market just like other regular condoms 18 months from now. It is believed that CSD500 will be first released in Europe. According to some surveys, almost 13 billion condoms are used every year so it is really possible for a lot of people specially men to try this out.

There has been some problems regarding marketing and advertising the said kind of contraceptive. According to some people, it is really hard to invest a lot of money in condom advertisements because not all people can accept this kind of publicity. Some people are still conservative and not to open about this. Some people say that it will just invite viewers’ promiscuity and it will become uncomfortable for people to discuss about this kind of things at home.

It depends on your needs. If you think you have some problem regarding your performance then the use of Viagra condom is the answer to your problem. To those who are hesitant, there’s no harm in trying. Who knows? You might like the result.