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Learn more about natural Viagra – Many men have a problem with erectile dysfunction and natural Viagra can help them  If this weren’t true, Viagra would not be one of the best selling medications on the market today. Although the

natural viagra

There are some men that are actually recreational Viagra users, a broad majority of people who use the little blue pill do so because they need it. There are men, however, who do not want to use Viagra for both moral and religious reasons.  In this case, they may be looking for a more natural alternative to Viagra.

Considering Natural Alternatives to Viagra

The good news is that there are many different natural sex enhancement supplements available to those men that don’t want to use Viagra.  These supplements combine well known aphrodisiacs, such as damiana leaf and oysters, to help a man regain some of his lost libido.  The problem with many of these supplements is that there is no guarantee they will work.
If you are a man searching for a natural Viagra supplement, the chances are that you will spend much time searching with little result.  After all, while natural remedies are a great way to help a problem, Viagra is a very potent medication that uses the best of modern science to help correct a problem no man wishes to have.  In fact, given the potency of Viagra, it is a wonder why anyone would use something else.  Even when compared to Cialis and Levitra, Viagra still remains the most widely used erectile dysfunction medication on the market today.

Why Trust Viagra?

natural viagra alternativesSo, why is it that Viagra works so well at combating erectile dysfunction?  And, why do so many people trust the little blue pill to help them with their sexual problems.  The first reason Viagra is quite simple:  Viagra was the first medication of its kind.  When Viagra first became available, almost everyone knew about it overnight.  It was the subject of every news channel and soon became popular fodder for late night comedians.  Since Viagra was the first pill of its kind and because it was so well publicized, it also enjoys a great deal of name recognition that has helped it become successful.
The combination of being the first of its kind and its immense name recognition is only part of the whole story.  The real reason Viagra is king of the market is because it works.  Plain and simple – Not only do Viagra tablets work for nearly every man that needs it, it has very few side effects, which makes it safe for almost everyone as well.

While it is true that both Cialis and Levitra offer the same benefits as Viagra and, in some cases, offer different benefits (such as a longer time frame of use or being a little cheaper), Viagra will probably remain the king for quite some time.  So, next time you are wondering about which method to go with, whether it is a medication or a more natural remedy, remember that the reason Viagra is number one is because it works.  When something works, there is really no reason to try something else.

Viagra Alternatives

If you suffer from problems with erectile dysfunction, you might be considering using Viagra to help you with your health issues. Although Viagra can really be a great help for men dealing with this problem, there are some Viagra alternatives that you might want to consider looking into.

Levitra (Vardenafil)

Levitra is the fastest-acting medication among the now existing PDE5 inhibitors. After taking a pill, just 10-15 minutes are enough for a man to get fully ready for sexual intercourse. The maximum drug concentration in plasma is measured within 30 minutes after intake.

The duration of drug action ranges from 8 to 10 hours. But taking into consideration physiology of men, it’s advisable to have sexual intercourse no later than 5 hours after the medication intake.

The recommended dosage of Vardenafil is 10 mg. The dosage can be adjusted to 5 mg in men with mild impairment of sexual function. Men with severe impairment of sexual function should take the maximum dose equal to 20 mg.

Why Should I Use Natural Viagra Alternatives?

Although Viagra was the first medication available to treat erectile dysfunction, there are actually many different products available on the market that will help you achieve the same results. For some men, other medications such as Cialis actually help them achieve a better erection than Viagra.

For most men looking to buy Viagra alternatives, however, the goal is actually to find a way to treat erectile dysfunction without the potential negative side effects of using Viagra. This means using alternative treatments such as herbs.

herbal viagraNatural treatments of erectile dysfunction have many benefits over prescription medications. For example, natural treatments generally do not have side effects. Some potential side effects of Viagra include headaches, dizziness, flushing, blurred vision, and more. Impotence pill Viagra; With the help of natural Viagra alternatives, you don’t have to worry about dealing with these unpleasant side effects.

Another benefit to using natural Viagra alternatives is the fact that they are generally less expensive than Viagra. Not only do they cost less per pill, you don’t have to make an appointment with a doctor in order to obtain a prescription. This means you can save time when you use natural Viagra alternatives as well.

Finally, for many men, natural Viagra alternatives are actually more effective than the actual drug. For some, natural alternatives work faster and provide a better erection. For most men, these natural treatments take only 30 to 45 minutes to work.

Exploring Your Natural Alternative Options

There are actually more natural Viagra alternatives than you may think. Some of these include:

• Arginine
• Ginkgo Biloba
• Yohimbe

Arginine is actually an amino acid that helps to improve blood flow. According to one study that took place at Tel Aviv University, 31% of the 50 men studied showed an improvement with their erectile dysfunction after taking the supplement for only six weeks. Men with circulatory disorders leading to sexual problems appear to benefit the most from the supplement, with the suggested dosage being 1 gram three times per day. When going to the store, look for L-arginine supplements in order to get this benefit. If you are taking nitroglycerin to treat heart problems, however, you should not take this supplement.

DHEA is beneficial for men that suffer from low levels of this naturally-occurring hormone. DHEA, which is responsible for helping the body make testosterone and estrogen, was found to help men with impotence in a recent study that took place at the University of Vienna. The suggested dosage of this supplement is 5 mg every morning.

Ginkgo Biloba is an herb that has long been associated with giving memory a boost, but a study at the University of California indicates that it has other benefits. In fact, the study found that the herb reversed sexual dysfunction in 84% of the men studies. The men included in this study were all taking antidepressant drugs like Prozac, which means those men taking antidepressants are most likely to benefit from Ginkgo Biloba. The suggested dosage is to take three 80 mg pills of ginkgo biloba that has been standardized to have 24% flavones glycosides and 6% terpene lactones per day.

The purified form of yohimbe, yohimbine, is the preferred supplement for treating erectile dysfunction because it has a guaranteed potency and purity. It is important to note that yohimbe can cause an increase in blood pressure and can cause other side effects such as anxiety. Therefore, it is best to use prescription maca while under the supervision of a doctor if deciding to go this route. Read also about Penis Extenders.

Male Extra VS VigRX

According to, the Male Extra male enhancement system is often compared with VigRX pills. This should not be surprising as these are two of the most popular male enhancement brands today. Both brands promise to enhance male sexuality in different areas including penis size, sex drive, ejaculate time and volume, erection quality, and overall male reproductive health.

What is interesting about these two male enhancement pills is that they actually come as a system. Your purchase would include access to a penis enlargement program which should be used alongside with the pills to enjoy faster, more optimum results.

It has been said that pills alone is not enough to physically grow the penis, which is the reason that prompted these two brands to include an enlargement program.

But how do these two supplement brands differ? If you were to make a choice, which one would you choose?

It’s necessary to take a close look at all the issues with regard to male sexual performance to realize how the male enhancement products may help tackle these issues.

I’ve read about Dr. Sanjay Kaul of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. He did a study of adverse events after using sildenafil and found 1473 events. Most of them related to cardio-vascular issues.

Some individuals had heart attacks, and arrhythmias. Few men had strokes, sudden drop in blood pressure, and fainting. There were several cases of SUDDEN DEATH!
The majority of deaths mostly occurred in men, who had no signs of heart diseases. Besides, they were even younger than 65 years old.

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